Position: Director, CSF Surgery
Email: info@csffoundation.org

I  can proudly say that I have been Director of CSF Surgerys ince 2011, every day there is a new challenge to meet, new people to help, and uplift.

Being able to contribute to the happiness of others, that in one way or another are losing not only their health but also hope due to the injustices and negligence of our society is my reward. We have helped thousands of people since we started this organization and every day I am more motivated to learn from the people who help and understand the true value of a smile, or a hug, and of life itself.

All human beings have the capacity and ability to share the best of themselves no matter the circumstance of life. We should not limit ourselves to helping others because of age, gender, social or political ideologies. I strongly believe that anyone who wants to do good and accomplish something impactful, you just need passion, motivation, and desire.

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